Make Habits that Stick

July 20, 2017

"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Will Durant

The most important posts about habits:-

  • My habit system - I used all the information I'd gleaned from reading all the best books and resources on habit formation to create a "system" that I run through when trying to build habits.  
  • Why trying harder doesn't work - the fundamentals of willpower, why it's so valuable and why it's a poor strategy for habit building
  • How to design your life to preserve willpower - by being mindful and understanding how our willpower becomes unnecessarily depleted on a daily basis can help us maintain self control and see things through to the end

All My Posts about Habit Formation:-

1000 Perfect Days – A Framework for Achieving Life Changing Results

Be like a postage stamp.  Stick to one thing until you get

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A Practical Approach to getting out of a Negative Slump

So you're going through a patch where you feel completely demotivated to

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Why Meditate? What will you get out of it?

I've had people ask me why I'm trying to build meditation as

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Developing the Habit of Seeing Things Through – How To Become a Finisher

If I had to put my finger on one thing that's made

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Signs of Willpower Fatigue: How To Tell When You’re Burnt Out

If we know that willpower is a finite resource that we should

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The Surprising Little Known Facts about The Real Cost of Decisions

 In a suburban mall, shoppers were randomly stopped

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How to Preserve Our Most Valuable Habit Building Asset – Willpower

In previous posts, I've described the strength model for willpower depletion (otherwise

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How To Know if A Behavior is Habitual? Measuring Habits

All this talk about habits, but what actually is a habit?In simple

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How Long Does it Really Take to Form a New Habit?

I get a bit frustrated when the so common, but false, idea

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How to Be Prolific: A Look into the Mindsets of Prolific Creators

The one thing that really impresses me about someone is if they

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Why Trying Harder is a Terrible Strategy – The Strength Model for Ego Depletion

This time you're not going to quit...It's new year's eve and you've

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Showing Up Consistently and Using Brute Force

As I sit here and write this post, I'm experiencing resistance. I​ don't

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How to Build Habits for Good – The Warrior Habits System

By taking the time to grasp a basic understanding of how our

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Holding My Feet to the Fire...

I'm currently using the techniques that I talk about on this site to write daily, record a daily video, write a daily ritual and read.  You can track my progress here.  And here is my current habit system (regularly updated as changes occur!)

My Favorite Habit Building Resources

I keep the following list of books and online resources updated whenever I come across awesomeness:-

Here is also a list of the best scientific studies on habit formation and willpower preservation.