My Habit Log

July 13, 2017

​I thought I'd try something different - publishing my own daily habit log.

This has two purposes -

  1. Complete transparency of where I'm at in my own personal development journey
  2. Public accountability is a great habit trap that will help me to follow through

Here's a log of the habits that I'm running through on a daily basis.  Of course, I'm following the habits system.

  1. Daily ritual - every day I take five minutes to write the answer to a number of questions.  The questions currently include:-  What type of person are you?  Why are you doing what you do?  Where do you want to be by a certain date?
  2. Writing - I'd like to be able to communicate in written form much more effectively.  I'd like to be able to write compelling content that people actually enjoy reading.  My minimum commitment for this habit is 50 words per day.
  3. Video - I'd like to develop the skill of creating interesting videos about personal development that people want to watch.  My minimum commitment for this is to record myself for 30 seconds every day (publishing to my channel is not a requirement, but preferable).
  4. Reading - I have a target of studying 140 self development books over the next few years.  I'd like to improve the speed at which I read and the amount of information that I retain.  Minimum commitment is 2 pages per day
  5. Gym - 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Would like to work my way up to 5o0lbs deadlift, 400lbs squat and 300lbs bench (current pb's are 473/400/286 respectively, but I'm currently weaker than this).  Minimum commitment is at least one working set for each training session.

I Predict Challenges...

Sticking to these habits for extended periods of time will be tricky, and I'm sure I'm going to have some slip ups along the way.  Some challenges include:-

  • Periods when I'm traveling to new places and don't have a routine set up or close access to a gym.  Additional willpower will be required during these periods.​

  • When friends and family come to visit me.  This is particularly challenging, especially when friends have traveled half way across the globe to see me and explore the country that I'm in.  

    ...My strategy is to reason with them to allow me one hour of focused effort per day, during which I should be able to do my minimum commitments (or a bit more) and after I can spend time with them.

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