About this Site

July 5, 2017

So what's this site all about?

I am figuring out how to live an awesome life and make the world a better place.   I'm convinced that not only are the two compatible, but they go hand in hand.

This is a place where I write about all my learnings mainly to help cement my own understanding of the world we live in.  

This isn't a business or something that I intend to make money from.  I've built this site to catalogue my own self development and to practice my writing skills.  It's mainly for my own benefit (I've found that writing really helps to clarify thought) and I'm not expecting anyone to read it.

What led me to creating this site...

The idea of building Warrior Habits came about a year after I realized that, with the right knowledge from books, courses and other people, I could solve some of the problems that I was facing...

Particularly psychological stuff like low self-esteem, social anxiety, an inability to see anything through to the end without quitting and a tendency to suffer from overwhelm when faced with large, seemingly insurmountable, projects.

Up until my late twenties, I had always naively assumed that these issues that I faced were innate, linked to my genetics and that I didn't have any control over them.

On top of this, I was extremely cynical of self development - for some reason, I thought the whole industry was a bit of a fraud. 

At some point, it all started to change for me.  I can't clearly remember the timeline of events, but I do remember being in a pretty dark period in my late twenties.  I don't want to say it was depression, but can't have been far off.   Most days I didn't really want to get out of bed and getting myself to do anything positive or productive was extremely difficult.  

This is what initially led me down the rabbit hole of self development.  I started reading books to try and improve my situation.  Nothing else had worked for me, so why not give it a try?

The Turning Point

A pinnacle moment for me was reading a book called The Six Pillars of Self Esteem by the late Nathaniel Branden.  It took me over a month to study from cover to cover, I took copious notes, and it completely changed my perspective on things.  

I started a daily writing habit to consistently remind myself the key lessons and I also did the exercises that were recommended in the book.  Slowly but surely, I noticed subtle changes in my psychology and how that cascaded down into my behavior.

Not only was my self esteem improving, but I now understood that I had more power over my mind than I realized. I wasn't simply at the mercy of the issues that I was facing.  I could take lessons from the millions of people that have lived before me to fix things and improve myself.    

This was a breakthrough for me.  

With this glimpse of hope, I decided to double down and take responsibility for my issues by working through them systematically.

A Continual Journey

So, rather ambitiously, I resolved to study 140 of the top self development books that I could find, take extensive notes and produce videos about them.  I'm writing this almost 4 years after starting the project having read 108 books and recorded around 70 videos (here's my book list).

Since starting to work on myself things have only really gone from strength to strength.  

On the inside, I'm a completely different person and have managed to cultivate strong positive habits that keep me on track and give life meaning.  On the outside, I've been fortunate enough to have reasonable success in business, co-founded a software company, travelled to and lived in many countries around Europe and Asia and have financial freedom in my mid-30's.

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not a paragon of productivity.  I struggle with many things and have to work a daily positive program through habits to stay on track.  The difference now is that when I'm having a bad day or going through a slump, I have learned various tools, tricks and ways of thinking to work through things and get me going again.  

I don't want to sound clicheic and I'm certainly not one to be overly dramatic, but this journey thus far has been pretty life changing for me and I'm extremely thankful that I stumbled onto this path. 

The articles and videos that I create on this site are a catalogue of everything that I've learned on this journey. It mainly focuses on how I've used habit building as a tool to make myself productive and carve out a life that I'm very privileged to have.