I decided to give up drinking in December 2022 as an experiment. Sober curiosity finally got the better of me so I decided to take a year off the sauce and observe the effects.

13 Months without Alcohol – Last Update

It’s been 9 months since I last had a sip of alcohol and the main thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t notice it at all.The first month or so, I was excited.  Logging into my “I am Sober” app to check my streak count on a daily basis and noticing improvements to my productivity,

9 Months Without Alcohol (Update)

I started lifting when I was 16 and have pretty much pushed it as hard as reasonably possible as a natural lifter ever since (I’m 38 now).  It’s a part of who I am.   As time goes on, I’ve learned more and more about how to continue making gains as a natural lifter and I’ve

How I Reached new Strength PR’s as a Natural Lifter after 20 years of Training while approaching 40

So it’s been 7 months since I quit drinking as an experiment.  Here’s my update on how things have been going.Feelings vs RealityI’d say for the first two months, I was on cloud 9.  I was constantly thinking about how much my life had improved after quitting the sauce.  I’ve read on forums that this

Update – 7 Months without Alcohol

I haven’t had any alcohol since the 14th December 2022, and so this is my four month update report.  You can see previous updates here.How things are going…It’s easy to gloss over how well things are going.  In the day to day rigmarole, it doesn’t seem like things have changed much.  It’s like aging; you

4 Months without Alcohol

I’ve decided to go 2023 without a sip of alcohol – I’ve already explained the reasons why here.    Has it been hard to stop drinking?  Not really.  Every now and then I get triggered, but these days it’s probably only once or twice per week while I’m out shooting pool with my mates.  I just watch

3 Months without Alcohol (Update)

A few months ago I decided to go the whole of 2023 without alcohol as an experiment.   This post is mainly self serving – a point of reflection on the 2 month mark of not drinking alcohol; something that I can look back on in the future. Table of Contents Why I’ve Decided to

2 Months without Alcohol – A Personal Reflection

This is a summary of the learnings that I’ve made as co-founder of Thrivethemes.com over the last 10 years. A chapter that’s recently come to a close following its acquisition for multiple 7 figures in January, 2023.

A New Chapter: Lessons from a Decade of Running and then Selling a Software Company

Recently I’ve been studying the physiology that underpins motivation. What happens at a biological level when we feel driven and motivated to strive for goals? I’ve mentioned a number of times on this blog that I’ve previously had the propensity for slumps.  Over the past few years I’ve learned some interventions that can quickly get me out

The Universal Currency of Motivation

My favorite strategy for leveling up a skill quickly is the 30 day challenge.   You do one thing, every day, for 30 days without fail.  No days off, no weekends and no skipping a day.   You can achieve some pretty amazing results just by doing this. However, if you’re really committed to improving then 30 day

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