Recently I’ve been studying the physiology that underpins motivation. What happens at a biological level when we feel driven and motivated to strive for goals? I’ve mentioned a number of times on this blog that I’ve previously had the propensity for slumps.  Over the past few years I’ve learned some interventions that can quickly get me out

The Universal Currency of Motivation

My favorite strategy for leveling up a skill quickly is the 30 day challenge.   You do one thing, every day, for 30 days without fail.  No days off, no weekends and no skipping a day.   You can achieve some pretty amazing results just by doing this. However, if you’re really committed to improving then 30 day

Learn by Shipping

A woodpecker can tap twenty times on a thousand trees and get nowhere, but stay busy.  Or he can tap twenty-thousand times on one tree and get dinner.Seth Godin – The Dip The quote above is from one of my favorite books The Dip – it’s a fantastic thought provoking book about when to quit

What Woodpeckers Know

 “Tomorrow, I’m going to work” This sentence has so many underlying psychological connotations:-9 to 5Annoying bossesGetting up earlyClock watchingLimited breaksDoing things you don’t want to doDealing with people you don’t want to do deal withCommutingPerformance reviewsPlaying the gameIf “work” was a brand, the PR and marketing teams would have an emergency on their hands.  “Work” is tarnished

Rebranding Work

Be like a postage stamp.  Stick to one thing until you get thereJosh Billings I have written before about my natural tendency to feel overwhelmed when faced with a large goal and how I have developed mental models to overcome these often less-than-useful thought patterns.   Overcoming procrastination due to overwhelm probably ranks in my top

1000 Perfect Days – A Framework for Achieving Life Changing Results

As someone who has drunk alcohol on a fairly regular basis (with the exception of acute periodic abstention) since the age of 19, I’ve been consciously examining my relationship with alcohol and what it brings to my life.   In short:- my findings have alarmed me.   We obviously all know that alcohol is not good but

Beyond the Hangover: Insidious Plastic Changes are the Real Reason to Stop Drinking

I’ve had massive problems with sleep for as long as I can remember.   Even at the age of 15, I can remember progressively sleeping later and later, struggling to get up in the morning, feeling lethargic and sleepy all day in class and then crashing for a few hours at soon as I got back home

Perfect your Sleep – How to Cajole your Body into a Consistent Sleep Schedule

It was March 2020 and my country of residence announced a seriously tough lockdown because of the virus that shall not be named.   We were prisoners in our own home; allowed out for groceries only if we brandished our quarantine pass.  Everything else was off limits.   At the time of writing this (some 18 months later),

Fat to Fit (Kinda) – How I got into Shape during Lockdown as a Busy Entrepreneur

At the time of writing I’m in a lockdown that’s lasted for … the best part of a year at this point.  The Philippines, where I’m currently based, has had one of the longest COVID lockdowns in the world and I think it’s fair to say that I’ve found it a bit of a struggle.  Haven’t we

Daily Positive Cornerstone Habits to Wane off Negativity and Depression

So you’re going through a patch where you feel completely demotivated to do anything positive.  Your mind is stucking in a loop of negativity and it’s bringing you down to the point where you just can’t get yourself to do anything.   You ask yourself “what’s the point?” and your self talk becomes increasingly destructive. You

A Practical Approach to getting out of a Negative Slump