How to Form Habits that Stick

Make Habits that Stick!

Watch the video below to see why habits are pretty amazing:

"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Will Durant

The most important posts about habits:-

  • My habit system - I used all the information I'd gleaned from reading all the best books and resources on habit formation to create a "system" that I run through when trying to build habits.  
  • Why trying harder doesn't work - the fundamentals of willpower, why it's so valuable and why it's a poor strategy for habit building
  • How to design your life to preserve willpower - by being mindful and understanding how our willpower becomes unnecessarily depleted on a daily basis can help us maintain self control and see things through to the end

Holding My Feet to the Fire...

I'm currently using the techniques that I talk about on this site to write daily, record a daily video, write a daily ritual and read.  You can track my progress here.  And here is my current habit system (regularly updated as changes occur!)

Courses and Action Plans

Free stuff on its way!

My Favorite Habit Building Resources

I keep the following list of books and online resources updated whenever I come across awesomeness:-

Here is also a list of the best scientific studies on habit formation and willpower preservation.  

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