Showing Up Consistently and Using Brute Force

As I sit here and write this post, I’m experiencing resistance.  I​ don’t really want to write at the moment….and my brain is masterful at providing me with seemingly justifiable reasons and rationalizations as to why I can just put this off until tomorrow.”You have nothing good to say, do some more reading and you can

How to Build Habits for Good – The Warrior Habits System

By taking the time to grasp a basic understanding of how our brains operate we can learn to use it more effectively and become a more prolific results-getter. Without this understanding is like owning a Ferrari without taking the time to understand and learn how to drive it properly.  You can’t get it to perform to

How to Stop Procrastinating and Nail Your Dissertation

This dissertation is the single most important piece of work that you’ve ever had to do….ever.   Your whole degree is riding on it. It’s also the biggest piece of work that you’ve ever had to do.   All you can think about is that huge mountain of pages that you have to complete by the deadline.  But