What Marshmallows Can Teach Us About Success

Imagine you’re 4 years old and I put in front of you a big, white, juicy marshmallow. I then tell you this:- “Here, in front of you is a marshmallow.   I’m going to go away but I’ll be back in around 15 minutes.  If, when I come back, you haven’t touched the marshmallow then I’ll give

Summary of Flow – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

This book is all about how we can transform boring and meaningless lives into ones full of enjoyment through a concept called “Flow” and optimal experiences. Here’s a breakdown of the key points that I took from this book:-​Why We’re UnhappyWhen we Feel the Most HappyHow to Achieve Flow more often in our LivesWhy flow is

Summary of Deep Work – Focused Success in a Distracted World

This book is all about how you can leverage the concept of deep work to become a more prolific creator, create value and be more successful.What is Deep Work?The Arguments for Deep Work​What it RequiresMethod / Approaches to Deep WorkChallengesMy Concluding ThoughtsWhat is Deep Work?Distraction free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to the limit. It’s

Holding My Feet to the Fire – My Deliberate Practice Video Experiment

Watching this video above, 15 months after starting this whole experiment, is quite a cringeworthy experience.Is that really me?  Was I really that bad?  Why am I wearing a pink top with pink flowers in the background?So many questions…​ 15 months and around 60 videos after starting my deliberate practice experiment, I can say just that

How to Be Prolific: A Look into the Mindsets of Prolific Creators

The one thing that really impresses me about someone is if they are continually shipping stuff.   A writer that is continually pushing out novels, an artist that relentlessly produces music, a blogger that’s been publishing videos for years… and so on.  In a word, these people are prolific, and they generally have one thing in common.