Signs of Willpower Fatigue: How To Tell When You’re Burnt Out

If we know that willpower is a finite resource that we should treat sparingly, how do we know when we’re pushing our limits and facing burnout? ​Apparently there isn’t just a single tell-tale sign that can tell us whether we’re suffering from willpower depletion or not.  However, there are a few traits that seem to affect

The Surprising Little Known Facts about The Real Cost of Decisions

 In a suburban mall, shoppers were randomly stopped and asked a series of questions about their shopping habits.  The questions were designed to understand how many buying decisions the shoppers had made that day… They were then asked to attempt to solve a series of simple arithmetic puzzles and were told that they could quit whenever

How to Preserve Our Most Valuable Habit Building Asset – Willpower

In previous posts, I’ve described the strength model for willpower depletion (otherwise known as ego depletion).  In short:-Our willpower is like a muscle: Using it comes at a cost by temporarily lowering our willpower reserves. If we rely too heavily on it, we’ll burn out and lose self-controlWillpower can be built up over time if the right

How To Know if A Behavior is Habitual? Measuring Habits

All this talk about habits, but what actually is a habit? In simple terms, we can define a habit as an automatic behavior​… Delving deeper, a habit has these main characteristics:-Bottom up – ​meaning that habits are automatic with no conscious thought or attention requiredImpulsive – does not require intention​Directly cueued – triggered by some kind of

How Long Does it Really Take to Form a New Habit?

I get a bit frustrated when the so common, but false, idea that it takes 21 days to form a habit is regurgitated. There are two main reasons for my hostility towards spreading this false notion:-It sets false expectations – ​”I’ll just commit to this new positive ritual for three weeks and then it’ll become automatic and

How to Be Prolific: A Look into the Mindsets of Prolific Creators

The one thing that really impresses me about someone is if they are continually shipping stuff.   A writer that is continually pushing out novels, an artist that relentlessly produces music, a blogger that’s been publishing videos for years… and so on.  In a word, these people are prolific, and they generally have one thing in common.

Showing Up Consistently and Using Brute Force

As I sit here and write this post, I’m experiencing resistance.  I​ don’t really want to write at the moment….and my brain is masterful at providing me with seemingly justifiable reasons and rationalizations as to why I can just put this off until tomorrow.”You have nothing good to say, do some more reading and you can

How to Build Habits for Good – The Warrior Habits System

By taking the time to grasp a basic understanding of how our brains operate we can learn to use it more effectively and become a more prolific results-getter. Without this understanding is like owning a Ferrari without taking the time to understand and learn how to drive it properly.  You can’t get it to perform to