Monthly Review: February, 2019

Reading sessions 28 days out of 28 (28 points) Books read 7 books.  Monthly target = 5 (28 points) Daily writing ritual 28 days out of 28 (28 points) Green Shakes 28 days out of 28 (28 points) Deep Work Session 28 days out of 28 (28 points) Gym Sessions 8 sessions out of 12

Monthly Review: January, 2019

Reading sessions 30 days out of 31 (30 points) Books read 7 books.  Monthly target = 5 (31 points) Daily writing ritual 30 days out of 31 (30 points) Green Shakes 17 days out of 31 (17 points) Deep Work Session 29 days out of 31 (29 points) Gym Sessions 7 session out of 12

2019 – The Year I Challenge Myself to be More Consistent

Monthly Reports and ScoresJanuary (155 out of 186 – 83.3%)February (224 out of 237 – 94.5%)While sometimes boring and mundane, showing up every single day has been the single most powerful factor for results making in my life so far…  The two relatively successful companies I’ve co-founded have been a result of dogged persistence rather than

What Marshmallows Can Teach Us About Success

Imagine you’re 4 years old and I put in front of you a big, white, juicy marshmallow. I then tell you this:- “Here, in front of you is a marshmallow.   I’m going to go away but I’ll be back in around 15 minutes.  If, when I come back, you haven’t touched the marshmallow then I’ll give

Summary of Flow – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

This book is all about how we can transform boring and meaningless lives into ones full of enjoyment through a concept called “Flow” and optimal experiences. Here’s a breakdown of the key points that I took from this book:-​Why We’re UnhappyWhen we Feel the Most HappyHow to Achieve Flow more often in our LivesWhy flow is

Summary of Deep Work – Focused Success in a Distracted World

This book is all about how you can leverage the concept of deep work to become a more prolific creator, create value and be more successful.What is Deep Work?The Arguments for Deep Work​What it RequiresMethod / Approaches to Deep WorkChallengesMy Concluding ThoughtsWhat is Deep Work?Distraction free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to the limit. It’s

2 Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Scared to Pull the Trigger

You’ve spent the best part of a few months building something that you think is going to be extremely valuable to people.   You’ve invested hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears into this thing, it’s been the focal point of your life for a long time and finally you’re getting close to the finish

Hiring a Video Editor – 26th July, 2017

I’ve been trying to improve the quality of my videos for over a year now and it’s been going quite well… However, recently I decided that I needed to improve the “post production” stuff.   By this, I’m referring to supporting graphics, animations and text that helps to support the points that I’m articulating.Picking My BattlesIn my